CBD x-strong oil 45%

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Raw and undistilled, our CBD X-STRONG oil is characterized by its potency and intensity. Very authentic, this oil contains very high concentrations of CBD. Black to orange in appearance, it will suit people looking for the authenticity and power of the raw and complete effect of cannabis.

Coconut MCT oil is increasingly being used in CBD preparations due to its health benefits. MCT, or medium chain fatty acid, is a form of fat that is quickly metabolized and easily absorbed by the body. It has many health benefits that can be enhanced when combined with CBD.

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CBD x-strong Oil

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    Our range of cbd olive oil is characterized by its freshness and smoothness. This elixir is based on olive oil and fresh lemon from Oliviers&Co. This oil has been selected for its superior organoleptic quality. It goes perfectly with our cannabis extract.

    Olive oil and fresh lemon is a remarkable and slightly acidic oil. The lemons are pressed fresh and whole with the olives to keep all the subtlety of the aromas.

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