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At TheGreenLab, our mission goes beyond simply selling quality products. We are deeply committed to protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity. We believe that every business has a crucial role to play in creating a sustainable, nature-friendly future.

Support for Vogelwarte: A Commitment to Bird Protection
Promo code: JULY15 valid throughout the month of July 2024

As part of our ecological commitment, we have decided to support Vogelwarte, a Swiss association renowned for its bird research and protection efforts. Vogelwarte carries out essential projects for the protection of birds in Switzerland, thus contributing to the richness and diversity of our ecosystem.

Why Vogelwarte?

  • Scientific Research: Vogelwarte conducts scientific studies to better understand the needs of different bird species and the threats they face.
  • Protection of Habitats: The association actively works to protect and restore the natural habitats of birds.
  • Education and Awareness: Vogelwarte organizes educational programs to raise public awareness of the importance of conserving birds and their habitats.

Our Actions for Biodiversity

We believe actions speak louder than words. Here are some of the concrete measures we have taken to support biodiversity and bird protection in Switzerland:

  1. Partnerships with Associations: We have established partnerships with organizations such as Vogelwarte to financially support their conservation projects.
  2. Donations: Part of our profits is regularly donated to environmental associations. This month, July 2024, we are committing 15% of every sale from using the promo code JULY15 to Vogelwarte to support their bird protection efforts.
  3. Eco-Friendly Products: We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by using sustainable materials and adopting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.
  4. Awareness: We use our platforms to educate and raise awareness among our customers about the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect our environment.

Join us in this Mission

We invite our customers to join us in this mission to protect biodiversity. By choosing our products, you are not only making a choice for your well-being, but you are also contributing to a noble cause. Together we can make a difference and secure a better future for our planet and its people.

How You Can Contribute

  • Buy our products during this type of offer: A part of each purchase is dedicated to associations.
  • Get informed and raise awareness: Share information about environmental protection and Vogelwarte’s actions with your loved ones.
  • Get involved: Participate in local nature protection initiatives and support organizations that work for biodiversity.

We are proud of our commitment to the environment and thank you for your support. Together we can protect birds and preserve the natural beauty of our world.

To learn more about Vogelwarte and their projects, visit

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Thanks to Our Customers

We would like to warmly thank all of our customers for their continued support. Thanks to your purchases of CBD oil, we are able to significantly contribute to important causes such as the protection of birds in Switzerland. Your choice of our products not only improves your well-being, but also helps preserve our precious biodiversity. Together we make a difference. Thank you for your commitment and support.

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