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A coupon code, also known as a promotional code, discount code, or coupon code, is a sequence of numbers and/or letters that a customer can enter during the checkout process on an online shopping site to receive a discount or special offer. Promo codes are often used by businesses to attract new customers, retain existing customers, promote specific products, or boost sales during a particular period.

Here are the main types of promo codes:

  1. Percentage Discounts: Offer a certain percentage off the total order price, such as 10% off.
  2. Fixed Amount Discounts: Offer a fixed amount off, such as $10 off the total order.
  3. Free Shipping: Remove the shipping fees for the order.
  4. Specific Offers: For example, “Buy one, get one free” or discounts on specific products.
  5. Free Gifts: Offer a free item with the purchase of certain products or when a certain order amount is exceeded.


Promo codes can be distributed in various ways: via newsletters, social media, online ads, or directly on the companies’ websites. To use a promo code, you typically need to enter it in a designated box during the checkout process, and the discount or offer is automatically applied to the order total.


coupon code


How to use a coupon code on our site:

  1. Go to your cart: Add the desired products to your cart on TheGreenLab website.
  2. Enter the promo code: Once the products are added, go to your cart. Below the list of items, you will find a field called “Promo code”. Enter your code in this field.
  3. Apply the code: Click on the “Apply promo code” button. If the code is valid, the discount will be immediately visible and applied to your order total.
  4. Complete your purchase: Proceed to checkout to finalize your purchase with the discount applied.

Feel free to check the conditions of use of the promo code, such as the validity dates and eligible products.

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